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Pine Wooden Sleeper Drawer Bed
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Plank Wooden Sleeper Drawer Bed by Incite

Totally Derbyshire handmade - this bespoke plank pine solid wooden sleeper bed is custom made with a twist exclusively unique to Incite Interiors Derbyshire. It is so refreshing to find such an exceptional Piece of Wooden bedroom furniture entirely British made.

The headboard is covered with padded leather and the base comprises of an amazing 21 drawers of which 17 are functional opening drawers.. This solid wooden plank pine bed has been produced to a high standard using time tested traditional woodworking methods (all the drawers have dovetail joints) that come standard in all of the wooden furniture handmade by Incite Interiors.

This unique solid wooden bed is handmade to order at our Draycott Mills workshop and is dismantled for delivery and reassembled in your home

Height of Headboard 2050mm.The measurements quoted are only a guide. Adjustments can be made in consultation.

For details please ring 01332 870296 or visit our showroom situated above our work shop and see for yourself furniture that is in the process of being custom made.